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Random from For Me

Anything I requested, commissioned or there are just awesome people that give me awesome stuff.

[My Commissions]

Random from Character

A bunch of my favorite characters. I love Naruto and Satoshi. I also like cute girls like Peach, Maya and Flora.

Random from Pairing

All my OTPs and stuff I ship. BL, Het, GL, I love them all.


>>> naruto<<<
Naruto Shippuden by sketchedmonkey Naruto Stamp 5 by rainbowramen321 Naruto Stamp by Tsuba-chama
Sai stamp by HarukaXFoxBadass Sakura by Sugoi-onnanoko Sasuke stamp by SitarPlayerIX
Stamp: IC SasukexNaruto by Endless-Mittens SasuNaru Stamp - Bond by SRKAddict SaixSakura - Stamp by Kaorulov
Sasuke and Itachi Stamp by LuckiiNana Naruto: Naruto and Sakura Friends by Vulpixi-Stamps Stamp: Best Friend Forever by uzukun89

>>> pokemon <<<
Pokemon: Pocket Monsters Anime by Vulpixi-Stamps All Pokemon Group support by SA948-Stamps Stamp: Satoshi XY by Endless-Mittens
Tracey stamp 2 by SA948-Stamps Stamp: Citron XY by Endless-Mittens Stamp: Eureka XY by Endless-Mittens
Marina stamp by SA948-Stamps Pokemon: Comashipping by Vulpixi-Stamps My First Stamp Ash and May by MayMagita113

>>> precure <<<
Precure Stamp by Pimmy Fresh Pretty Cure! Stamp by akarinamaron Yuko - Cure Honey stamp by Tea-Strawberry
PreCure: Yes 5: Akimoto Komachi by Vulpixi-Stamps PreCure: Yes 5: Natsuki Rin by Vulpixi-Stamps PreCure: Yes 5: Syrup x Nozomi by Vulpixi-Stamps

>>> free! <<<
Free - Iwatobi Swim Club stamp by Tea-Strawberry Rei stamp by Superpluplush Free! Stamp: Mermaid Haruka by wow1076 [Stamp] HaruRei [Free!] by CabaiHitam Free: Rin x Rei 02 by Vulpixi-Stamps Free: Sousuke x Makoto by Vulpixi-Stamps

>>> yugiou <<<
Yuugiou -Duel Monsters- Stamp by Worldincoffee YGO: Noa Kaiba by Vulpixi-Stamps Yugioh stamp 1 by Genesis55
YGO: Misguideshipping by Vulpixi-Stamps Puzzleshipping.:Stamp:. by ForbiddenchasmX YGO: Buddyshipping by Vulpixi-Stamps

>>> yugiou gx <<<
[Stmp] Yuuki Juudai by AiroRokkuhauto YGO GX: Female Johan by Vulpixi-Stamps judai+manjyome by leonardodreams

>>> axis powers hetalia <<<
Hetalia: Axis Powers 14 by princess-femi-stamps Alfred x Ludwig by Tea-Strawberry :STAMP: Platonic UK + US by hyoutas
Hetalia: Axis Powers 2 by princess-femi-stamps APH: Arthur x Yao Stamp by Chibikaede Let me squish that cutie pie ... by Tea-Strawberry

>>> misc series <<<
KnGB: Kiyomaru x Suzume 2 by Vulpixi-Stamps A Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar by Vulpixi-Stamps Gintama: Shinpachi 02 by Vulpixi-Stamps
Fakir and AhiruDuck Stamp by shifaikia Together - stamp by Hele-Jaguar Free: Rei x Haruka by Vulpixi-Stamps


>>> pokemon - game <<<
Pokemon Games Stamp by KeliAlex Still Loves Pokemon by SquirtleStamps Real Pokemon fans don't bitch by KooboriSapphire
002-3 Ivysaur Stamp by Pokestamps Torterra Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps My First Pet Was Turtwig by NateFox
Greninja Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps Furfrou Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps 442 - Spiritomb by Marlenesstamps

>>> legend of zelda <<<
stamp :: toon link by kinies Crawfish Stamp by Palmer-Shock LOZ: Oracles Link by Vulpixi-Stamps
LOZ: Mermaid Suit Link by Vulpixi-Stamps LOZ: SS: Link n Zelda BFFs by Vulpixi-Stamps LOZ: OOT: Link and Saria BFFs by Vulpixi-Stamps

>>> super smash brothers <<<
Super Smash Bros. Melee by just-stamps SSBB Stamp by JazzaX SSBB: Ike x Red by Vulpixi-Stamps
SamusxPeach stamp by Akanes-Stamps Star Fox: Falco x Fox by Vulpixi-Stamps RoyxMarth stamp by SweetTails247

>>> professor layton <<<
Professor Layton fan stamp by Tea-Strawberry Layton: Hershel Layton - Professor by Vulpixi-Stamps Layton: Randall x Hershel 5 by Vulpixi-Stamps
Layton: Henry x Angela by Vulpixi-Stamps Layton: Flora Reinhold by Vulpixi-Stamps Request - Pro Emmy AND Flora by SamCCStamps

>>> ace attorney <<<
Phoenix Wright stamp by Makt91 PW - Phoenix X Maya Stamp by Immortalmirror Ace Attorney: Edgeworth x Phoenix by Vulpixi-Stamps
Phoenix Wright Stamp- Goofy by oni-tobi AJ: Trucy Stamp by Chibikaede Klavier Stamp 4 by NowellsStamps

>>> fire emblem <<<
Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi by Vulpixi-Stamps FE6: Chad x Lugh by Vulpixi-Stamps Fire Emblem Stamp 2 by MajinPat
Ike Fan by Princess-Elincia FE9: Mist by Vulpixi-Stamps Donnel Stamp by Adraowen

>>> misc games<<<
I Heart Peach by MandiR Phoenix vs Layton Stamp by fireproofmarshmallow Ghost Trick Stamp by Genesis55
Mother 3 Made me cry by KaziRede EarthBound Stamp by Teeter-Echidna The King of Fighters by Vulpixi-Stamps


>>> people <<<
Rica Matsumoto Stamp by Katsu14 People: Takeuchi Junko by Vulpixi-Stamps Miyano Mamoru Fan by ChiisanaHoshi
People: Mayumi Tanaka by Vulpixi-Stamps Kappei Yamaguchi Stamp by Spirit-Of-Darkness Angela Aki Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996

>>> deviantart<<<
I Dont Watch Back STAMP by Puff-Dahh Thank You... by jennyleigh .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot
By Me, for Me by savagebinn fanART stamp by minas-stamps I Don't Need to Trace - stamp by SerenaVerdeArt
dA is not Photobucket by MaruLovesStamps No dArama for thieves by prosaix Anti-Theft Ninja Stamp by sambees

>>> fandom<<<
Stamp: Fandom wars by Lady-Werewolf DA Stamp - Ask About My OTP 01 by tppgraphics Love Is Love Stamp by PoisonTonicLX
DA Stamp - Male Pairings 01 by tppgraphics Slash in character by SA948-Stamps Just friends? by SA948-Stamps
OTP Sense stamp by Fairy-Red-Hime Shipping Support Stamp by TrainerKelly Text: Creative GenderBending - Pink by Vulpixi-Stamps

>>> misc thoughts <<<
Open your Mind Stamp by quazo Insults + Spelling by SA948-Stamps Never Too Old Stamp by Worldincoffee

>>> other <<<
I have always wanted to be a magical girl by nooosheee Hopeless Dreamer by SsGirlo Tea Makes Everything Better by delusional-dreams

Fav'd Stamp Archive

Stamp: I Love Stamps by FantasyStockAvatars Stamp: Collection system favs by Jammerlee Stamp: I Love Stamps by FantasyStockAvatars

:bulletred: [Part 1] (Ace Attorney, Arting, APH, BSSM, Bleach, CCS)
:bulletorange: [Part 2] (Cing, DA, Disney, DRRR!!, Elemental Gerade, FOP, Fandom, FE)
:bulletyellow: [Part 3] (Free!, FMA, Gintama, HikaGo, Kill la Kill, Gash Bell, LOZ, Mario, Madoka)
:bulletgreen: [Part 4] (Misc, Mother, Mushishi, Naruto, Nichijou, One Piece, People, Pixar)
:bulletblue: [Part 5] (Playfish, PreCure, Princess Tutu, Layton, Pokemon - Anime, Pokemon - Game, Romeo x Juliet, Series, Shaman King, SNK, Soul Eater, SpongeBob)
:bulletpurple: [Part 6] (Smash Bros, Tiger & Bunny, Thoughts, Video Games, YGO, YGO GX, YYH)


C) Chibi / Shoulders
Commission 3 for fairy-jewel by Vulpixi-Misa
Commission for Sky-Jolteon by Vulpixi-Misa
Naruto: The difference between... by Vulpixi-Misa
PreCure: Yes 5: Dessert Boyfriends by Vulpixi-Misa
Bullet; Blue Up to 2 characters (additional is extra charge)
Bullet; Blue Choice of Chibi or Bust (Head & Shoulders)
Bullet; Blue Transparent or simple background only
Price: $10.00 on PayPal
D) Torso / Full Bopdy
Commission 2 for Lady-Fortune by Vulpixi-Misa
Naruto: Hold by Vulpixi-Misa
Pokemon: Swimsuit weather by Vulpixi-Misa
Yes PreCure 5: Sweet Dreams by Vulpixi-Misa
Bullet; Green Up to 2 characters (additional is extra charge)
Bullet; Green Choice of Torso (Half body) or Full-body
Bullet; Green Transparent or simple background only

Price: $15.00 on PayPal
E) Scene with Background
Commission 3 for jenniferstory by Vulpixi-Misa
Naruto: Carry Your Dreams by Vulpixi-Misa
Secret Santa for theelementofmagic by Vulpixi-Misa
Commission 2 for Twardz by Vulpixi-Misa
Bullet; Pink Up to 2 characters (additional is extra charge)
Bullet; Pink Choice of Chibi, Bust, Torso, Full-body WITH FULL BACKGROUND
Bullet; Pink Additional charges depending on complexity of the background

Price: $20.00 on PayPal
B) Lineart
Commission 3 for darkrangeresp by Vulpixi-Misa
Commission 5 for freddy321 by Vulpixi-Misa
Commission 2 for darkrangeresp by Vulpixi-Misa
Commission 3 for Timmy421 by Vulpixi-Misa
:bulletred: Up to 2 characters only
:bulletred: Choice of Chibi, Bust, Torso, and Full-body
:bulletred: Will be kept to a high resolution
:bulletred: Transparent, PNG format, signature will not touch any lines.

Price: $7.00 on PayPal
A) Sketch
Naruto: Ella ella ella by Vulpixi-Misa
Ranlay 4 by Vulpixi-Misa
DenAi by Vulpixi-Misa
Sasunaru 3 by Vulpixi-Misa
:bulletyellow: Up to 2 characters only
:bulletyellow: Choice of Chibi, Bust, Torso, and Full-body
:bulletyellow: All done traditional, scanned and editted to the best quality
:bulletyellow: No backgrounds

Price: $4.00 on PayPal


Journal Entry: Mon Jul 28, 2014, 6:47 PM
I missed my 70,000 hits kiriban... I guess I'll draw something for that when I have the time...

Next one is 100,000....


United States

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None at the moment

Fav Free Ship? 

10 deviants said MakoHaru/HaruMako
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4 deviants said ReiNagi/NagiRei
2 deviants said What's going on
1 deviant said RinRei/ReiRin
1 deviant said A Gou ship
1 deviant said None of the above
No deviants said Outside of Iwatobi ship


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